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The great Greek poet and Nobel laureate, George Seferis, declared Paros – with its gently rolling landscape, pristine beaches, mesmerizing villages and ancient treasures – to be the loveliest of all the Greek islands.

Athens-based Interior Design Laboratorium was influenced by both the island’s distinctive architecture and their own brand of holistic design when creating the visual concept of the 33-suite Parīlio, the name of which is derived from ‘Paros’ and the Greek word for the sun ‘ilios’. The cycladic art inspiration and influences are reflected throughout the property, just like on its logo.

Paros is a place where unspoiled natural beauty and the slowed rhythms
of Cycladic life prevails.  

Parīlio is conveniently located on the island’s northeastern coast, between stunning Kolympithres beach and the jewel town of Naoussa, gazing at Naoussa bay.  

The property presents contemporary Greek design alongside objets d’art
from leading European designers.


Elevating this allure for today’s traveler, the sublime 33-suite Parīlio echoes the island’s distinctive blockwhite architecture style while crafting understated luxury from natural stone materials and a soothing color palette comprised of neutral white, grays, ochre, ivory, and sienna.


A large pool highlighted by two impressive rocks and bounded by the extraordinary Cycladic natural environment, dominates Parīlio’s outdoor space. For those looking to fully embrace the slow-paced Cycladic way of living, the on-site Asian spa offers the ultimate time out while the fitness center featuring state-of-the-art equipment is the perfect spot for our guests who wish to be active and fit during their vacation.

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