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Mr. E is an aristocrat of today. Nobody sees him but you feel him. He embodies the culture of the island as a concept. Parīlio connects with the local Parian cuisine and pays tribute to old traditional recipes and local produce seen through the eyes of Mr. E, a global explorer of today, that anchored in Paros to connect his past with the present.

While soaking in the calmness and relaxing surroundings, your stay will be enriched by subtle pleasures and a wealth of culinary diversions prepared by celebrated Chef Alexandros Tsiotinis.

In this extraordinary gastronomic journey, we invite you not only to savour the tastes but also the sacred tradition of sharing, an equally important Greek value as the food itself.

Parilio luxury hotel Paros
Mr. E invites you to taste the island’s famed gastronomic legacy and serves up fresh, seasonal Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in a space embraced by a verdant natural environment and ample Cycladic light, surrounded by the wild beauty of Paros’ pastoral landscape. Kindly note that reservations are required to assure ample spacing, while reservations for breakfast should be made one day in advance.
BREAKFAST 8:00 - 11:30
ALL-DAY MENU 12:00 - 19:00
DINNER 19:30 - 00:00

The minimalistic bar annexing the pool fully embodies the hotel’s reverence for natural stone and geometric forms. Inspired by Circe, the daughter of Helios, who was a powerful enchantress with experience in the art of herbs, it offers an array of wellness-inspired low-proof cocktails, traditional Greek flavored drinks and nibbles, prepared by the Mr. E kitchen and is primed for day-long sojourns

Join us every Monday and Thursday at 18.30 at Circe Bar for our Jazz Sunset Rituals. Watch the sun fade in the pastoral landscape as Marc Buronfosse and his team perform a unique musical performance inspired by the Aegean and the island’s vibrant spirit.

OPEN FROM 10:00 UNTIL 0:00
Parilio luxury hotel Paros
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