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Kalia & Antonis Eliopoulos

A series of serendipitous events led Kalia and Antonis Eliopoulos to hospitality, armed with a natural talent for piecing together a compelling narrative. When Kalia and Antonis Eliopoulos first met at a shipping event, little did they know how differently their career paths and lives would turn out. Antonis was in the family shipping business at the time and Kalia in PR for a think tank. It was the pull of Santorini, a mesmerizing island Antonis had been visiting since childhood, that changed their destiny. On one of his countless trips there, he decided to buy a rustic vineyard, which turned into their first hotel—Vedema, a unique village-like setting loved by locals and guests alike. Known for their unusual hotels on the volcanic island, the duo knew their third hotel, Istoria, had to be on the magical black sand beach here.

And then, for their fourth property, Parīlio, the duo journeyed to the nearby island of Paros, where they crafted an artful statement amid a world of pine-fringed coves and white-washed historical villages. Kalia tells us about their fascinating journey and the stories that lead to the creation of their spellbinding properties…
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